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Wisdom-Opening Teachings

English Kỳ Tâm.png

"I just want everyone to be happy,"

Soon return to the Awake Light Source,

That long ago forever radiating,

But covered by ignorance for many lifetimes,

Return soon to realize the Awake Source.”


For the past 19 years, since the day of Awakening, liberating the source of ignorance, making a vow of Opening, Guiding sentient beings, Realizing, Merging into the Buddha Nature.

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"AWAKENING OURSELVES IS AWAKENING OTHERS" is the spirit of Awake, liberation in Buddhism. Being a Buddha’s follower, one must be very clear about this. Currently, there are songs, information that has distorted the path of Awake like this song below:

"Buddha, Why Bless Me but not Her", this song, gives us the image of an ordained person towards a wrong goal and too tragic. Every day, the physical body is in the temple, the hand is inviting the moktak, the mouth is chanting, but the mind endures suffering because he keeps on missing his lover......

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