The Song of Awake

~ Awake Sangha ~

From the pure essence

Seeing people are sinking

In the deep sea of endless suffering

Spinning unceasingly with no way out

From the Infinite Wisdom

as bright as the sun and the moon

like a loving mother

extending her wide-open arms


Nothing hinders her

From penetrating the sleeping minds

To awaken the Bodhi seeds

That have been burried in darkness

The ever-present Bodhi seeds

Covered by ignorance

Falling into deep sleep for many lifetimes

Knowing nothing about the source

Nor remembering where the source?


I have been wandering aimlessly through this lifetime

Fascinated with temporary happiness

Thay has come, and brought Awake love,

Wake me up to return, to liberate from birth and death

Dear Thay! the Awakened Teacher

your Awake light penetrates into my inner mind,

Your Awake light, shines upon my path to return to… Awake source


From the miraculous Awake essence

Give rise to immeasurable love

Helping Bodhi seeds sprout

Into thousands of lush green trees

The ever-present Bodhi seeds

Now blooming everywhere in the garden

Emitting delightful fragrance to the open sky and earth

Emitting delightful fragrance to the whole world


Awake is full of vitality

Light of Wisdom radiates boundlessly

Pure and serene

Emanating thousands of miraculous Awake tools


Light of Wisdom radiates boundlessly

True Compassion always wide opens.

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