The Miracle of the Mirror

~ Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien ~

The Mirror is originally sparkling clear

always bright and luminescent

infinitely transparent in every direction

dissolving all darkness.
Open, endless space

unscratched, undefiled


crystal clear in essence.
Even more amazing

is the capacity to use it in miraculous ways

infinitely flexible and always spontaneous

appearing instantly, knowing exactly what to do
Crystalline mirror is our origin

why not return and live

which nothing can taint

the nature of the mirror is always pure
Fighting and resisting

having and not having, winning and losing

in the end, for what?

Only to deepen the system of ignorance
An entire life, lived in illusions

but did not know and thought to be real

suffering our whole lifetime

How to ever get out?
So, what I truly am?

Or: I am truly what?

Right here, right now, need to realize!

The Mirror will appear.

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