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The Inspiring Journey in Helping People

"The lotus flower begins in the pond mud, grows up, and opens perfectly clean on the water’s surface. The mud represents the stress we feel from the system of suffering running in everyday life;  the lotus represents our potential to Wake Up from that system and be truly happy. Remember: we are not the mud, we are the lotus flower."

~ Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien ~

Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien's journey in helping all people started in Thailand after she Awakened in 2001 and continued on to other countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and many states within the U.S. In that same year, 2001, Zen Master came back to Houston, teaching and guiding many people realize the Awake Mind within. After two years of tirelessly helping many students from different backgrounds and religions, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien found Universal Door Meditation Center in 2003.

From her living Awake, Zen Master opens people's minds, helps them to realize the capacity to Wake Up already within and develop the goal of Waking Up in this lifetime, and guides them throughout every step of the Awake path, without relying on intellect, concepts, books, sutras or other people’s experience.


Zen Master's teachings and interactive guidance are very creative, dynamic, spontaneous, and lively, easily attracting listeners, no matter what level of practice they are. Her Dharma talks, whether short or long, are always fresh, simple, and practical, but penetrate directly to the heart, helping people to break through, believe, and realize that they have the capacity to Wake Up.

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