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Suoi Tu Meditation Center


Suoi Tu Meditation Center

In 2004, by chance, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien met Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi, in Hawaii. Through a few exchanges, the two Awakened Teachers realized that they are from the same world... that is Awake World. Therefore, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien invited Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi to come to Universal Door Meditation Center (Houston, Texas) to join the mission to teach and guide all people to become Awake. For many years, the two Awakened Zen Masters have traveled all over the world, formed many practice groups, day and night tirelessly opened the mind and guided students, regardless of their age, background, culture or religion to understand, believe, and realize the capacity to Wake Up within.

In 2011, both Zen Masters guided several retreats in the city of Dallas/Fort Worth. Many families developed the goal to Wake Up and have Awakened happiness in life. In late 2013, together they established Suoi Tu Meditation Center in Dallas, continuing to help all people to return and live with Awake Mind within to break the cycle of birth and death.


Presently, ZEN MASTER THICH THONG HOI is the Abbot of Suoi Tu Meditation Center, Dallas, Texas, located at:

3903 W. Pipeline Rd, Euless, TX 76040.


3903 W Pipeline Rd, Euless TX 76040

Phone: (972) 861-9728


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