Su Co Pho Niem

I found Universal Door Meditation Center when the suffering in my life was intolerable and I wanted to quickly end it. The very first time I met Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, I felt this sudden lightness in me and my 1000 lb suffering simply melted right away! I thought she was someone special and started following her to be happy in my family and career.

With the things she opened my eyes to, I became very successful in my outside world. I was able to manage any situation easily and my

relationships with my family and coworkers became better. Although there were conflicts and stress here and there, I learned to manage and quickly overcome those situations. However, what I didn’t know was that there is a way to remove stress and conflict completely from its root within me so it will never occur again! That is what is true happiness and true freedom all about! When Zen Master Pho Mon and Zen Master Suoi Tu opened my mind to this, it was a huge revelation for me. Not only that, they helped me realize that suffering and stress do not only stem from sad situations but also from happy situations. They helped me see where all my good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong and high/low were coming from, and how there is a cyclical pattern to these in my life!


The proof of that happened when I was at work one day. I received a complimenting email from a higher authority. As I was reading that email, I felt my happy ego energy empower me completely. It was so powerful and so humongous and right at that moment, I felt that the strength of it did not come from one lifetime. I realized how I have been accumulating the power of ego over many, many lifetimes. And I knew right at that moment that I had to Wake Up from that ego energy! I also realized that this realization happened only because of all the wisdom that my dear Zen Masters had been imparting to me over the years!

After 8 years of following the Zen Masters, I decided to ordain so the Zen Masters could help me break the cycle of ego and Wake Up completely from illusion! I know only an Awakened teacher can help me transform my karma and take me to Awake World. Deep inside me, I can see how strong my addiction to ego is. Many times, I forget to doubt my ego and that’s what is keeping me from Waking Up. But the goal is getting stronger by the day because the Zen Masters are constantly helping me transform my karma.

My vow is to Wake Up in this lifetime with the help of the Zen Masters, and to go back to India to spread the real message of Buddhism as it has been forgotten in the past 2500 years. We need to nurture the Awake seed within us with the guidance of an Awakened teacher in order to Wake Up and break the cycle of birth and death. 

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