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Retreat Registration Information


Because we can only accommodate a limited number of students for each retreat, all students who attend the retreat should complete their registration at least one week prior to the retreat. If you are a distance student, please provide us your flight information on the registration form.


In order for your Awake goal to be continuously developed and nourished, the Retreat Organizing Committee requests all students who attend the retreat, whether from far away or living near the Center, to stay overnight in the Center during the retreat. In everyday life, your mind is always busy, thinking, worrying, running constantly. Therefore, when entering the retreat, the first two days is the time for your body and mind to be relaxed and settled. Because you are living with the Awake Sangha in an open and spacious environment and with the pure energy, you have the opportunity to return to your inner self to understand more about yourselves. The following days of the retreat is the time when the students open their hearts to fully receive the Awake light and guidance from the Awakened Teachers. Students will gradually realize that they have LOTUS (Awake potential) inside them, but deeply buried in MUD (illusion and holdings). The Awakened Teacher constantly radiates Awake light to open the intrinsic wisdom in each student helping them to see clearly "THEY ARE LOTUS" and thereby develop the goal to Wake Up, liberating the suffering of ignorance. In the last days of the retreat, many students have self realizations, willing to let go of their illusive egos, from here, the Awake horizon and liberation open up before their eyes. Students now can carry Awake energy to apply when returning to everyday life.


However, for special reasons, you cannot stay overnight, please let the retreat organizer know in advance on the registration form to help us better arrange your daily schedule.


Please note that Universal Door Meditation Center is not available for guests to stay overnight except for students who are attending the retreat.


Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a retreat confirmation by email with information specific to your retreat. Please read all the information.


If you are a monastic, please email us, to receive a registration form and detailed information.


Please kindly register at least one week before the retreat.

Online Registration

Please click RETREAT REGISTRATION FORM, fill out all required information online.


To ensure the rules, quality as well as information about the entire retreat, on the first day of the retreat, all students are required to attend a mandatory retreat orientation. You may review the retreat guidelines on our website.


The entire retreat typically starts in the afternoon of the first day of the retreat and ends in the afternoon of the last day of the retreat. Please see RETREAT CALENDAR for retreat dates and times.


The daily retreat schedule will be updated every day according to the guidance of the two Awakened Zen Masters depending on the levels of the students in the retreat.


In order for the retreats to be offered continuously and steadily every year, bringing many benefits to everyone, all students attending the retreat are required to pay a retreat fee. The basic fee covers accommodation, electricity, water, food, daily uses of the facilities. In addition, if you want to stay a few more days before or after the retreat, you must indicate it on the registration form; there will be additional fees based on the number of extra days.


All fees must be paid by one week before the retreat.

Our recommended payment methods are:

  • Zelle: 281-565-9718 in the name of Dieu Thien Thich.

  • Checks/cash/Money orders are accepted too. Checks and MO can be mailed to:

Universal Door Meditation Center 
15202 Dora Ln

Sugar Land, TX 77498


The above  methods don’t charge any commissions and we get 100% of the donations.


When attending the retreats at Universal Door Meditation Center, apart from the retreat fees, at the end of each retreat, students will have an opportunity to make their wholehearted offerings to the two Awakened Teachers, first to connect with Awake earnestly asking the two Awakened Teachers to help them to soon realize and become one with the Awake Mind within themselves. The latter is to support the construction of the Awake Center – Universal Door Meditation Center to soon have more space to accommodate more retreats, welcoming more people around the world to come for practice the Awake path, liberating the suffering of birth and death.


We always wish you have the opportunity to attend the retreat to receive the priceless Awake treasure from the two Awakened Teachers. However, for any special reasons that you must cancel your participation in the retreat, please promptly inform us in writing by sending an email to the registration department:


Please note:

** If you have already paid but cannot attend this retreat, the retreat fee may be used for another retreat within  6 months. After this time period, the retreat fee will be donated to Thich Dieu Thien Awake Foundation to connect with Awakened Zen Master to build your Awake merits.

** If you have already paid but cannot attend the full length of the retreat, the amount left from your fee will be donated to Thich Dieu Thien Awake Foundation to connect with Awakened Zen Master to build your Awake merits.

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