The Heart Sutra

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha  (B)


Sutra Opening Verse

The Buddha's Dharma

is so deep and incomparable.

For thousands of lifetimes

the chance to know it is so rare.

Now we recognize the clear and bright path

and vow to practice deeply, sincerely. (BB)


The Heart of Prajnaparamita

The Bodhisattva Avalokita,

upon deeply immersing in Paramita Wisdom

suddenly realized that all five skandhas

are nothing but illusion.

This realization sundered the bonds

that create suffering. (B)
Know then: form is emptiness.

Emptiness is form.

Form is no other than emptiness.

Emptiness is no other than form.

The same is true with feeling, thought,

mental formation, and consciousness itself. (B)
The dharma is Emptiness.

It is not born nor does it die,

nor is it stained, nor pure,

nor does it wax, nor wane.

So in Emptiness, there is:

no form, no feeling, no thought or

mental formation, nor is there consciousness.

No eye or ear or nose or tongue

or body or mind.

No form, no sound, no smell, no taste,

no touch, nor what the mind takes hold of.

Nor even act of sensing (from eyes to

mind consciousness).

No ignorance nor end of it,

nor all that comes of ignorance.

No withering, no death,

no end of withering nor of death.

Nor is there pain nor cause of pain

nor end of pain nor noble path.

Nor is there wisdom to attain;

attainment too is emptiness. (B)

So know that the Bodhisattva,

holding to nothing whatever,

but dwelling in Paramita Wisdom,

is free of delusive hindrance,

rid of the fear bred by it,

and reaches clearest Nirvana.

All Buddhas of the past, present and future,

through living in Paramita Wisdom

come to full enlightenment. (B)
Know then Sariputra

that from Paramita Wisdom,

great unconditioned compassion,

wonderful clear words,

supreme peaceful action,

rise up to end all pain and suffering.

That is the truth. (B)

Sundered!  Sundered!

Sundered all attachment,

breaking the system of ignorance,

reaching complete freedom. (3 times) (BB)

The Three Refuges

Refuge is taken in the Buddha.

I vow, on behalf of all sentient beings,

to recognize the core teaching

and dedicate everything to it.

Namo Buddhaya (3 times) (B)


Refuge is taken in the Dharma.

I vow, on behalf of all sentient beings,

to practice deeply and sincerely the core

teaching, allowing great wisdom to rise up.

Namo Dharmaya (3 times) (B)


Refuge is taken in the Sangha.

I vow, on behalf of all sentient beings,

to live with ease and harmony in any situation, disturbed by nothing.

Namo Sanghaya (3 times) (BB)

Sutra Closing Verse

Now we have found the Awake Teacher,

and friends on the Awake path.

We vow to follow the Awake teacher

and sincerely ask for help

to bring us toward the Awake world,

Awaken, and break the system of ego.

Realizing the sun of wisdom is always shining,

constantly bright and alive within ourselves.

From the Awakened Happiness

of an eternal Spring season,

help all people Wake up and break the cycle

of birth and death. (BB)


Wholeheartedly we want to Wake Up.

Through practice, we realize that

for many lifetimes we have created

the system of suffering that has controlled us.

We continue to practice,

to realize the root, the nature of suffering.

We take a vow to Wake Up,

regardless of pictures and objects.

We ask the Buddha to verify our vow. (BB)


Sutra Final Closing Verse

We vow to bring the benefits of our practice

to the whole world, us students,

and all sentient beings

to soon Awaken. (BBB)

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