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Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien's

Future Vision of Waking Up The World

Spreading the seeds of Awake to all parts of the world, forming many sangha communities, welcoming more people to Awake practice, and developing and strengthening all facets of the practice as well as all activities of the meditation center.




1. There will be more people immersing in the Awake world, liberating the suffering of ignorance and delusions (ANIMAL-HUMAN).

2. The number of people who have immersed in the Awake world will be given an opportunity by the Awakened Teachers to help the sangha step by step experiencing the direct path towards Awake.

3. The number of people who have immersed in the Awake world will follow the Awakened Teachers around the world, to awaken the Awake potential in each person; after that, connect with them to come to the meditation center for Awake practice, to join the Awake sangha, relying on flying force as a flock of birds to reinforce the Awake goal in each person becoming clearer and stronger.

4. Establish a strong, clear and unified Awake sangha, able to stand up to share about the Awakened Teachers, set a good example as well as trust and inspiration for many people both within the sangha and within the broader community to develop the goal to Wake Up, liberating suffering.

5. Awake Sangha will often create opportunities to outreach to many practice groups inside and outside the U.S., forms each group, presents and shares with people to help them understand and believe in Awake. After that, establishes many Awake sangha groups in every state, every country, all over the world, and continues to nurture and develop the Awake potential for each individual and group.

6. Organize Awake teachings events, open public talks in communities and schools, to introduce the Awakened Teachers to many people, so that they will have the opportunity to meet them, listen to their mind-opening teachings, to help them understand, believe, realize and develop the goal to Wake Up, liberating the suffering of birth and death.

7. Stabilize and develop the Awake practice groups at Universal Door Meditation Center and Suoi Tu Meditation Center and other Awake practice groups within the U.S. and abroad, creating opportunities to welcome more students who pursue the Awake goal to join the sangha, giving them a chance to touch Awake.

8. Systematize the entire practice program as well as all daily activities in the sangha to facilitate the welcoming of many people to come for Awake practice without challenges in the organizing process.


9. Build the entire Awake Center, Universal Door Meditation Center - Suoi Tu Meditation Center, providing means for all students around the world to come for Awake practice.

10. Offer many Awake retreats for adults and youth with about 100 attendees for each retreat: 1-day, 3-day, 5-day, 10-day retreats, weekly, monthly, and yearly, aiming to awaken and nourish the Awake potential in each person. After the retreat, there is Awake practice programs available to help students continuing to nurture their Awake potential when being far from the Awakened Teachers and sangha.

11. Form 4 practice groups:

  • Awake Oneness – With the help from the Awakened Teachers, this group has immersed in the Awake world, knowing clearly…who is the Awakened Teacher? what is Awake? Thereby they devotedly stand up to bring inspiration to the Awake sangha and reach out to connect many people to the Awake practice. At the same time, they take on different tasks to stabilize all activities and departments in the meditation center. They go out with the Awakened Teachers to develop and promote the spirit of Awake, providing many people the opportunity to receive the Awake treasures from the Awakened Teachers. They stand up to promote the Awake practice, to connect with more students, to establish more Awake practice groups, to open more meditation centers, and to expand in full force the social media platforms to extend our reach to people such as press, television, Facebook, YouTube, website, videos, AWAKE TOUR, etc.


  • Touching Awake – This group has been able to touch or feel Awake essence, strongly believe and want to return and live with Awake Mind, liberating the Animal-Human. Because they want to nurture and develop their Awake love for themselves, they vow to stand up, nourish, encourage lay students to develop the goal to Wake Up, (feel Awake, ask for help, doubt ego, and let go ego), inspire them to earn merits through volunteer works, offerings to connect with Awakened Ones, organizing retreats, ceremonies, tea gathering events, youth and teens program... (promote the program “Millions Hearts Towards Awake”, connect more people to the Awake practice, promote the program “Planting Awake Tree”, raise funds to build Awake Center to welcome people to come for Awake practice.


  • Awake Merit-Making – This group understands and believes in Awake. At the same time, they know that they are being controlled and governed heavily by the Animal-Human in them. Every moment they earnestly ask for help from the Awakened Ones, willing to do different tasks to support all activities related to the meditation center, continue to stabilize, build and develop the Awake Center (connecting with more people who have the Awake goal and technical skills to stand up to support the maintenance and development of the meditation center... builders, architects, lawyers, who have Awake goal to come receiving Awake treasures and participating in the construction of the meditation center for the benefits of all).


  • Awake Connection-Making – This group listens, understands and believes in Awake destination but still being strongly trapped in the world of Animal-Human inside them. In order to make deep connection with Awake, it is necessary for this group to attend weekly mind-opening Dharma talks, to participate doing more tasks from the kitchen, the meditation hall, the restrooms and taking care of the outdoor premises... This group needs more sharings, frequent reminders from the core students.


12. In general, each group will have suitable tasks to develop their Awake potential. In particular the ‘Awake Oneness’ group, because of Awake goal, vow to stand up, under the guidance of the two Awakened Teachers, capable of inspiring all people towards Awake, operating and stabilizing every Awake activity in the meditation center to foster its development day by day from the inside to the outside.


The main goal of Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien’s journey in helping people is to have a strong Awake Sangha from the inside out, capable of standing up to train new students to join the Awake Sangha in a smooth, steady and effective fashion, from which all can fly like a flock of birds towards Awake, liberating the suffering of birth and death.

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