Awake Summer Camp

Universal Door Meditation Center cordially welcomes all youth and teens from 7 to 18 years of age to the Awake Summer Camp 2019, where they will be guided by the two Awakened Teachers, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, the Abbess of Universal Door Meditation Center, and Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi, the Abbot of Suoi Tu Meditation Center, and the nuns, who will cultivate and nurture the seeds of Awake in them. They will experience 5 days of residential summer camp at Universal Door Meditation Center - an ideal environment for Awake camp.


Awake Summer Camp will help youth and teens to understand about the Luminous Mind in themselves and the wonders of returning to the Luminuous Mind. As a result, they will realize amazing transformations inside them; they will be more open, lighter, calm, no more stresses and conflicts at school or at home; life becomes vibrant and happy.


During the 5 days of the Awake Summer Camp, youth and teens will be living in an Awake environment, close to nature, not losing themselves in technology and electronic games. They will enjoy outdoor and indoor Wisdom games, Zen arts and crafts, group sharings, discussing the benefits of returning to the Luminuous Mind, singing Awake songs written by Awakened Zen Masters, and meditation practice on the venue of Universal Door Meditation Center with natural landscapes.


For the benefits and the future of the children as well as the whole family, we sincerely hope that parents will register kids to attend the 5-day Awake Summer Camp organized by Universal Door Meditation Center every summer, to give your children the opportunity to experience the Perfect Joy of Awake, step by step allow inner transformations, which in turn helps their life at home, at school, and in the future to have Awakened happiness.


The 5-day Awake Summer Camp will be offered two times in June and August. Because the number of students admitted is limited, please register early for your children.

Parents can print out flyer and introduce this Awake Summer Camp to families, friends and colleagues so parents can give their children a meaningful summer and best of all, many benefits for their spiritual life.


DATE & TIME : 8 am Wednesday June 19 - 4 pm Sunday June 23, 2019

LOCATION :   Universal Door Meditation Center – 2619 Charles Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77498

REGISTRATION : before June 9, 2019

Flyer Awake Summer Camp (PDF)


DATE & TIME : 8 am Wednesday July 31 - 4 pm Sunday August 4, 2019

LOCATION :   Universal Door Meditation Center – 2619 Charles Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77498

REGISTRATION : before July 17, 2019

Flyer Awake Summer Camp (PDF)


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