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Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien

Be open. Be happy.

The Unlimited is already available within, but your limiting beliefs block you from living with it.

If we hold on to our viewpoint, whether good or bad, so tightly, it makes us crazy and others around us crazy. The problem is not the viewpoint; the problem is holding onto your viewpoint.

Bring mind and body together to develop the Power of NOW.

Break your CORE beliefs about things in order to be truly happy.

If you hold on to old perceptions, can you make new decisions?

If you are not clear about a new goal in your life, you will automatically go back to your old goal. You must be clear about your new destination in order to arrive there.

LIFE always changes. Why hold on to the past?

We need to see the difference between the picture of the way we want things to be and the reality of how things really are. To assume that our picture is reality is unrealistic.

Spring, summer, fall, winter and spring again, see things as they are and enjoy the nature of it.

Time to let go of limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.

Only when you can tolerate all aspects of yourself can you tolerate others.

You are not the voice in your head.

You are what can recognize the voice in your head.

Our thoughts look just like bubbles; they fill up and pop instantly. How can these fragile things make us truly happy?

How to be truly happy?

Be open and be fresh in each moment.

The lotus flower begins in the pond mud, grows up, and opens perfectly clean on the water’s surface. The mud represents the stress we feel from the system of suffering running in everyday life;  the lotus represents our potential to Wake Up from that system and be truly happy. Remember: we are not the mud, we are the lotus flower.

Awake Mind is like a mirror, perfectly reflecting back what appears before it. The beliefs we hold remain like pictures imprinted on top of the Awake Mind. As long as the pictures are still in the mirror, the mirror cannot clearly see or reflect things as they are; the mirror sees and reflects things through the pictures. Therefore, we see things as we are, not as they are. Wake Up from those picture and return to Awake Mind.

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