Awakening Ourselves is Awakening Others

~ Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi & Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien ~

Buddha is within, ignorance covers

Forever chasing after thoughts and losing ourselves.

Attaching to karma day and night

Moktak sound cannot end attachments.

Living in the temple but keeps on missing his lover

Bodhi tree cannot blossom.

The sutra verse is still echoing forever

Suffering and hatred chasing after for many fall seasons.


Because ignorance, not clear about illusion and Awake

Attaching to form, looking for Buddha outside

What suffering, or why

We cannot turn back, lifetime after lifetime

Becoming more distant from Buddha

Does the sutra verse mean anything?!

Because we haven't yet awakened ourselves, how can we awaken others?


The flow of life never goes our way

Why blaming the water flowing heartlessly?

For thousands of lifetimes, things come and go

Why our mind is mentally distressed?

In Awake mind, there is no sound nor picture

Crazily believing everything is real.

Living with illusion mind

The more we practice, the farther away from Lord Buddha


Because not clear about our inner mind

Clinging to the tragic love relationship

Heavy burden in the mind from missing his lover

Cannot let go of her image.

Let’s ask ourselves, practicing like this

Blindly inviting the moktak and chanting

We haven't yet awakened ourselves, so how can we awaken others?!


Day by day lighting up Wisdom

Realizing clearly our true self and ego self

For thousands of lifetimes, things come and go

The True Nature is Emptiness

In Awake mind, there is no sound nor picture.

Clearly realizing the source of ignorance

Breaking ignorance and afflictions

The ego self is like fleeting clouds!


Open, spacious, pure, disturbed by nothing

Manifesting from the source of Awake.

The source of infinite Wisdom and Compassion

Liberating from the clinging to human love forever.

Paying gratitude to Buddha in this lifetime

Steping into life to awaken all sentient beings.

Awakening ourselves is awakening others!

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