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Welcome to the Awake Tour


at Universal Door Meditation Center

"The Journey to Awake" is the journey to discover your own inner world. We are currently living in the world of human mind, thus we have joy, sadness, anger, hatred, anxiety, fear... That's why we don't have true happiness in life. We have no idea that there is an Awake World...a world that is bright, vast, pure, clearly knowing, fresh, spontaneous, seeing everything as they are, immaculate, no ego, no suffering, no judging, no blaming, no comparing, no competing, no good / bad, no happy / sad, no up / down, no winning / losing, completely liberating the cycle of birth and death. The Awake Tour, "The Journey to Awake," will allow you a chance to know why people have afflictions and suffering and open the Awake path to help everyone Wake Up to liberate themselves from suffering.

The moment of merging into the Awake World, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien saw that all beings have the capacity to Wake Up, but they don't know it, forever drifting in the suffering of birth and death. Right at that moment, the Boundless Compassion appeared, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien made “the great vow” to step into this world to help all beings regardless of age, race, culture or religion, realize and become one with the Awake Mind within, completely liberating sufferings.

The Awake Tour "The Journey to Awake" is a part of the Awake treasure that Awakened Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien wants to give all people, like an introduction to help people know about the Awake World. The special layout of the garden will give people a clear understanding and a deeper connection throughout the tour. 17 unique locations of the tour have been identified on this map.

You are cordially invited to join this self-guided tour "The Journey to Awake", giving yourself the opportunity to experience the journey back to the Awake World. The starting point is the "Welcome" location and continues to other posts 1, 2, .... 17. Please click on each post (the numbered bubble) on the map to read and feel.





1  -  The Ocean of Birth and Death

2  -  Awake World - the Original Essence

3  -  The Miracle of the Mirror

4  -  The Pure Source of Compassion

5  -  The Power of Awake - Awake Tools

6  -  The Great Vow


8  -  The Meaning of the Water Demo

9  -  The Maze of Life

A  -  From Birth to Growing Up

B  -  School Years

C  -  Successful Career

D  -  Happy Family

E  -  Self-Image - Social Status

F  -  Right here, do you have a Question?

10  -  Ego House

11  -  Decision

12  -  Reflection Area

13  -  Earning Awake Credits to go to Awake World

14  -  Qualifications to Cross the "Awake Bridge" - Feel, Ask, Doubt, Let Go -

15  -  Crossing the "Awake Bridge"

16  -  The Door of Earnestness and Implore

17  -  The Difference Between Human World and Awake World