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Awake Songs

Universal Door’s Poems and Songs are one of the many Awake tools from the two Awakened Teachers, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien and Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi, aiming to open the inner Wisdom for all sentient beings and step by step help them to realize the capacity to Wake Up already within themselves and from there develop the goal to Wake Up. The songs and poems composed by the two Awakened Teachers, have the power to stir up the questions about Awake and wake up the Awake potential in each person. When we hear or sing the Awake songs, we will feel the Awake energy in the Awakened Teacher in each phrase, each word... pouring into people's hearts, washing away the heavy illusive holdings in the mind, awaken the Awake seed inside each person.


The two Awakened Teachers have composed the priceless liberation verses that are inserted into the fresh, serene melody of music, turning into the Awake songs, penetrating deep into the hearts of people to revive the trust and the desire to return to the Awake Destination.


The two Awakened Teachers' Awake songs are very often sung by the nuns and the students at Universal Door and Suoi Tu, thereby penetrating deeper than the Awakened Teacher's mind-opening teachings in each word of the lyrics, helping to nurture and develop the Awake love in each person. The Awake songs are often sung in the Dharma talks, Awake retreats, ceremonies, Sangha activities, far-away teachings trips... helping many people realize the Awake destination, find Awakened happiness and peace of mind in each word of the lyrics, in each verse in the poem.


Please visit the link below and just be open to deeply listen....

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