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Awake Field of Merit


An Awake seed is planted in the right field, at the right time, hundreds of thousands of Awake flowers will bloom.

- Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien


Thich Dieu Thien Awake Foundation, founded by the Awakened Teacher, provides an opportunity for all people to connect with the Awakened One in this life, sowing the seeds of Awake into the Awake field to build and accumulate merits with the goal that one day to start the practice path towards Awake to liberate the suffering of birth and death.


Your wholehearted donation to connect with Awake does not only contribute to your growth on the path towards Awake but also for many people, because any donations made to Thich Dieu Thien Awake Foundation will be verified and blessed by the Awakened One and will be used to support the following projects/programs:

Creating Landscape for the Awake Center

Currently, on the 9-acre property, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien is planning a project to create landscapes for the meditation center including:

Phase 1 Project

Planting green shady trees around the meditation center creates a natural, fresh and serene environment for the practice. The types of trees will be chosen by the Zen Master in harmony with the overall master plan of the meditation center, with Zen design layout suitable for the environment and the local climate.


We currently have a program called "Planting Awake Tree" providing an opportunity for students and all people to plant an Awake tree at the meditation center to connect with the Awakened One and to sow the seed of Awake and liberation for themselves in this life.

Phase 2 Project

Design and build the overall Zen landscaping architecture including: Lotus pond, Zen gardens, water fountains, walking meditation paths, small Zen bridges, etc.


The preliminary cost estimate for the entire landscaping project is $400,000. The construction plan has been started and will be carried out accordingly when the project’s funding is met.


In parallel with the landscaping project, the two Awakened Zen Masters are also engaging construction engineers and architects to start the overall infrastructure development plan for the entire Awake Center – Universal Door Meditation Center including external halls, internal halls and other infrastructure with Zen design features in accordance to the overall master development plan to allow enough room for many people around the world to come for Awake practice.

Constructing the Dharma Hall for the Awake Center

While the meditation center has a total area of ​​nearly 9 acres, the campus that is usable now is only 1 building that encapsulates all the activities in it. Every week, the number of people who come for Sunday Dharma talk and weekly classes is steadily growing, but the current Meditation Hall is very limited in space. The basic provisions like classroom and activities areas for the youth and teens classes are not adequate. When the weather is good, the children sometimes must study and practice in the hallway outside the Meditation Hall to have allow more space for their activities. Currently, the meditation center is temporarily utilizing an old storage shed as a place for cooking and eating. Every time when there is a ceremony or event, it must be held outdoors because there is not enough space inside the Meditation Hall. When setting up an event outside, the meditation center must rent a large commercial tent, so the rental cost is very high. Not only that, outdoor event is subjected to hot, cold, rainy, windy weather conditions, so it is inevitable to avoid difficulties in the organizing process.


With the great vow of the Awakened Teacher wanting everyone to have the opportunity to attend the mind-opening teaching sessions to open the Wisdom for them, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien is planning to build a two-storey Dharma Hall with the total area of ​​10,000 sqft which includes: the Dharma Hall to hold ceremonies and tea meditation events, dining hall, kitchen, offices, restrooms, and most importantly, the classrooms for youth and teens with full basic facilities to welcome more children to the Awake practice.


The construction of the Dharma Hall will commence soon when the project funding conditions are met, to provide a practice center for everyone and the children’s classrooms. After the construction of the Dharma Hall, the next development phases will follow the overall architectural plan.

Building the Three-Arched-Entrances Gate

In parallel with the construction of the Main Hall is to build the Three-Arched-Entrances Gate.

Supporting Zen Masters' Teachings Trips

Besides the above projects, your wholehearted donations to connect with Awake will support the transportation means (airline tickets, train tickets, vehicle transportation) as well as provisions to organize mind-opening teachings events at different stops on the teachings trips of the Awakened Teacher, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, aiming to bring the spirit of Awake into life all over the world, helping all beings understand, believe, practice, realize and become one with the Awake Mind to liberate the suffering of birth and death.

Building and Developing Awake Sangha

On the path towards Awake, there must be a strong and stable Sangha who diligently devote to their practice and at the same time to support students and others to follow the Awakened Teachers to practice Awake. 10 nuns at Universal Door Meditation Center and Suoi Tu Meditation Center, come from different countries, vow to ordain to follow the two Awakened Teachers with the goal to Wake Up for themselves and from there helping all beings. With the constant teachings and guidance from the two Awakened Teachers to open the Wisdom for them and help them to realize the capacity to Wake Up within themselves, and recently, the two Awakened Teachers helped 2 nuns immersing into the Awake world, the nuns’ Awake goal is very strong and wholeheartedly supports the students and everyone to follow the Awakened Teachers to practice Awake. Therefore, the lay practitioners (students and Buddhist followers) also want to support the nuns with the basic living necessities so the nuns can soon be Awakened to liberate themselves and in turn benefits all beings. Your wholehearted donations will also serve to support the basic daily living for the Monastics Sangha.

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